A Message For Older Moms

Older mothers are not only a fast growing segment of society; we’re also a thriving community of women who often find ourselves without a community!

Although we’re a large group worldwide, many of us find ourselves isolated when it comes to our own neighborhoods, towns and cities. We often have questions and concerns that our childless friends or those with grown children don’t have or can’t relate to.

Such as…

  • Will my age somehow affect my child’s socialization?
  • Will my age will affect how my child moves through adolescence?
  • How will I keep up with him or her physically, as my child becomes more & more active while my health and stamina begin their inevitable decline?
  • How much will my child’s college experience impact our “retirement” (if we ever do get to retire!) as he’ll be entering college just as I enter my fifties or sixties?
  • Will my child resent me for having him at such an advanced age?

So, now that my son is old enough to leave me with a few ounces of energy not spent, I’ve begun this site as a resource and gathering place for older mothers everywhere.

Here, we older moms can chronicle our journeys and share our experiences together.

If you’re 35 or older and pregnant, or considering having another child, or your very first child, you’re in the right place. If you’re already an older mother who’s looking for support or comradery, you’re also in the right place.





Carolyn Schweitzer